Water and Waste water

Constant vigilance of municipal water and wastewater operations is vital to public health. Maintaining cost effective monitoring and control of those operations however, can be very challenging because operational facilities are often widely dispersed and frequently located near water sources and away from populated areas. Whether it’s facilities management, water/wastewater treatment or any variety of municipal service, Schneider Electric Software can place you on the forefront of connected mobile workforces and the Smart Cities revolution..


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software has emerged as the technology of choice for overseeing what is happening at scattered treatment, distribution and collection facilities.


In the water and wastewater industry, SCADA software helps supervise the operation of remote telemetry units (RTUs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and manages the information generated throughout water management processes.

By leveraging IIoT to connect assets such as smart meters, water quality sensors or even farming equipment, you can push data to a Cloud Historian platform that processes, analyzes and reports on utility and facility operations to anyone in your workforce, anytime its needed, anywhere they are.


AuroraTech’s SCADA solutions for water and wastewater management are specifically designed to provide:.

  1. An open integration platform.
  2. A powerful HMI.
  3. A real-time historian database.
  4. Reporting.
  5. Remote alerting functionality.
  6. Alarm management, notification and optimization.
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Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical

When it comes to pharmacy automation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and life sciences, what manufacturers need most is production systems that can safely process, dispense, label, and package medications and prescriptions at high volume. Pharmacy automation providers must be able to prove their equipment and solutions operate with precision at all times to ensure medications are being manufactured to the right dose and prescriptions are filled with the correct quantity.
Here are some of the pharmaceutical applications we can provide:

  • Processing Systems
  • Liquid Dosing
  • Tablet Compression
  • RFID Labelling
  • Tracking & Traceability Solutions
  • Custom Packaging Solutions
  • Drug Delivery Systems
  • Conveyor & Sortation Systems

Building Management​

We complete building management solutions, to create environments that are smarter, more efficient, safer, lower operational costs, greener to the environment and deliver measurable and sustainable return on investment. From control of HVAC, power and lighting, along with monitoring of auxiliary systems, our smart building management solutions enable total control, monitoring and management of every aspect of your smart building.
  • HVAC System
  • Hot Water System and Central Heating
  • Chilled Water System
  • Electrical Monitoring System
  • Security (Card Access)
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System
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Semiconductor manufacturing is arguably the most complex of manufacturing with demand for low-cost, high-volume, flexible semiconductor manufacturing, you need leading-edge automation and control solutions that help your customers meet their business and technical goals. To be competitive, you need solutions for both FAB/Facility and Equipment/Material Handling applications that reduce risk, lower costs, and advance technology. We help you reduce total cost of ownership by using a single automation infrastructure for the entire range of your semiconductor production equipment applications:
  • Design: Increase speed-to-market and engineering reuse by using open, standards-based automation architecture and programming environment
  • Install: Faster installs and commissioning to specification from an integrated hardware, control software, and networked environment
  • Operate: Increased up-time, OEE, yield, and availability with field-proven, robust, information-enabled hardware, control software, and diagnostic solutions
  • Maintain: Global support, locally, so you can maintain your automation investment at the lowest cost

Maritime / Shipping​

As the market is driving ship owners to become more efficient with reduced staff on board it called for an automatic control and monitoring system for the ship that enabled unattended operation of machinery spaces. Vessels capable of safe operation at any period of time qualify as UMS (Unattended Machinery Space) ships. A modern automation and control system is a fully integrated systems covering many aspects of the ship operation that includes the propulsion plant operation, power management operation on the auxiliary engines, auxiliary machinery operation, cargo on-and-off-loading operation, navigation and administration of maintenance and purchasing of spares.
  • Propulsion and Power Monitoring & Control
  • Auxiliary Machinery Monitoring and Control
  • Cargo & Ballast Monitoring & Control
  • Condition based monitoring
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Food & Beverage Solutions

Brands are becoming more global and more valuable, placing new focus on food safety and brand integrity. The widespread reach has also intensified competitiveness, driving a laser-sharp focus on manufacturing efficiency and cost reduction. Consumers are more demanding and less loyal, so it becomes increasingly important to avoid out-of-stock situations, present a consistent customer experience and bring the best, and most current, products to market quickly.


Today’s Food and Beverage manufacturers face challenges throughout the supply chain; from prices and availability of incoming raw materials, through the many production processes and systems to finished goods. AuroraTech Solutions for Food & Beverage, built on the open software architecture, provide manufacturers with a scalable platform to enhance cross-company collaboration, quality enforcement, and effective asset management. HMI, SCADA, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and reporting applications help enable manufacturers to create solutions that meet these manufacturing challenges:

  • Manufacture consistent products, across different sites, across the world
  • Meet stringent quality, regulatory and safety requirements
  • Manage complex products and bring them to market quickly
  • Maximize performance, productivity and efficiencies
  • Provide fast and accurate production and process information
  • Minimize waste throughout the manufacturing processes

Power Generation

New-energy power generation is renewable, available for sustainable use, environmental friendly, etc., so it is one of the important measures for environmental governance and ecological protection, and also the final energy option to meet the sustainable development needs of human society. As an excellent green wisdom energy service provider in the Philippines, AuroraTech’s specializes in providing excellent solutions and improving energy efficiency for clients in the new energy industry.


Solar energy is a growing industry, but utility-scale solar power plants can present many challenges for a traditional SCADA system. A typical solar power plant contains thousands of connected devices from a variety of vendors dispersed across a large geographical area. A robust, scalable SCADA architecture which can be quickly rolled out as new power plants are built requires a lot of forethought. From an operations and maintenance perspective, the amount of data can quickly become overwhelming, clouding the ability to quickly identify and correct any issues. In addition to answering these challenges, AuroraTech also strives to build a solution which is highly polished, both technically and graphically.


  • Energy monitoring and controlling software.
  • Basis for energy management.
  • Transparent representation of energy flows in your plant.
  • Logging, monitoring and analyzing energy data





  • Collects data from inverters, solar array trackers, combiner boxes, meteorological stations, transformers, switchgear and battery management systems/inverters.
  • Communicates with remote terminal units (RTUs) and other field devices via a host of standard protocols with optional redundancy for reliable data transmission.




  • Performs supervisory control and monitoring including data acquisition, engineering, maintenance, alarming, historical and cybersecurity functions.
  • Features rugged design with built-in, wide-area networking for access to aggregated plant-wide process and equipment data.




  • Provides secure, remote monitoring of PV operations from mobile devices or central control room for grid operators, maintenance staff, utility or power purchase agreement (PPA) host, owners, operators and asset managers.
  • Measures, monitors and reports key performance indicators for increased>visibility of plant or fleet operations.
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Engineering Procurement and Construction

At AuroraTech we design, test, and install complete automation controls systems. Our automation infrastructure solutions include the design of site-specific installations from network architecture to hardware requirements for different clients. We procure all the materials and equipment for the automation requirements.
  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Electrical installation

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