Food & Beverage Solutions

Brands are becoming more global and more valuable, placing new focus on food safety and brand integrity. The widespread reach has also intensified competitiveness, driving a laser-sharp focus on manufacturing efficiency and cost reduction. Consumers are more demanding and less loyal, so it becomes increasingly important to avoid out-of-stock situations, present a consistent customer experience and bring the best, and most current, products to market quickly.  

Today’s Food and Beverage manufacturers face challenges throughout the supply chain; from prices and availability of incoming raw materials, through the many production processes and systems to finished goods. AuroraTech Solutions for Food & Beverage, built on the open software architecture, provide manufacturers with a scalable platform to enhance cross-company collaboration, quality enforcement, and effective asset management. HMI, SCADA, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and reporting applications help enable manufacturers to create solutions that meet these manufacturing challenges:

  • Manufacture consistent products, across different sites, across the world
  • Meet stringent quality, regulatory and safety requirements
  • Manage complex products and bring them to market quickly
  • Maximize performance, productivity and efficiencies
  • Provide fast and accurate production and process information
  • Minimize waste throughout the manufacturing processes