Power Generation

New-energy power generation is renewable, available for sustainable use, environmental friendly, etc., so it is one of the important measures for environmental governance and ecological protection, and also the final energy option to meet the sustainable development needs of human society. As an excellent green wisdom energy service provider in the Philippines, AuroraTech’s specializes in providing excellent solutions and improving energy efficiency for clients in the new energy industry.

Solar energy is a growing industry, but utility-scale solar power plants can present many challenges for a traditional SCADA system. A typical solar power plant contains thousands of connected devices from a variety of vendors dispersed across a large geographical area. A robust, scalable SCADA architecture which can be quickly rolled out as new power plants are built requires a lot of forethought. From an operations and maintenance perspective, the amount of data can quickly become overwhelming, clouding the ability to quickly identify and correct any issues. In addition to answering these challenges, AuroraTech also strives to build a solution which is highly polished, both technically and graphically.

  • Energy monitoring and controlling software.
  • Basis for energy management.
  • Transparent representation of energy flows in your plant.
  • Logging, monitoring and analyzing energy data
  • Collects data from inverters, solar array trackers, combiner boxes, meteorological stations, transformers, switchgear and battery management systems/inverters.
  • Communicates with remote terminal units (RTUs) and other field devices via a host of standard protocols with optional redundancy for reliable data transmission.
  • Performs supervisory control and monitoring including data acquisition, engineering, maintenance, alarming, historical and cybersecurity functions.
  • Features rugged design with built-in, wide-area networking for access to aggregated plant-wide process and equipment data.
  • Provides secure, remote monitoring of PV operations from mobile devices or central control room for grid operators, maintenance staff, utility or power purchase agreement (PPA) host, owners, operators and asset managers.
  • Measures, monitors and reports key performance indicators for increased visibility of plant or fleet operations.